£55.00 inc. VAT

If you are in need of a replacement net & frame for your Crazy Catch model, please get in touch with us by emailing and we will get back to you.


UNSURE AS TO WHAT NET & FRAME YOU NEED? Get in contact with us by sending an email to and we’ll be sure to help you!


Please note that we do not sell these directly via the website at this current time. We invoice separately if we have your required spare side net available


We are able to provide SANE and/or INSANE Netting and frame replacements for the following models:


  • Crazy Catch Upstart (Classic & Double Trouble) £55 each


  • Crazy Catch Wildchild (Classic & Double Trouble) £75 each


  • Crazy Catch Professional (Classic & Double Trouble) £110 each


  • Crazy Catch Freestyle


  • Crazy Catch Football Rebounder


Note that if you are in need of a Replacement Net & Frame, you may also be in need of a Hinge Clip to attach two halves of your Crazy Catch together. (The Crazy Catch Upstart, Wildchild and Professional models require two of these Hinge Clips)


You may also be in need of a Replacement Bar also, you can purchase an Adjustable Bar for Upstart or Adjustable Bar for Wildchilds and Professionals.


Additional Support?


If you are not sure which spare part you need or are looking for a part not listed on this site please email our UK customer services team


In addition, take a look at the Crazy Catch range in full if you are unsure which product you have.


All Crazy Catch accessories prices are inclusive of postage and packing and also to note parts will be dispatched from our UK office via Royal Mail Second Class service so will take 3-4 days to arrive.

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