Crazy Catch Vision Balls are great for eye tracking and vision training, hand-eye coordination and reaction drills. Perfect for use with your Crazy Catch Rebound Net too and available in a range of levels to help develop skills. Crazy Catch Vision Balls and Vision Ball packs have a £5 Delivery Charge (unless ordered with a Crazy Catch Rebound Net, in which case delivery is free). Please allow 2-5 days for delivery.


Learn to catch


Using Crazy Catch Vision Balls can really help fast track the learning process. Ask a child – what is the last colour or shape on the ball they see before making the catch and what you are in effect doing, is skipping the eyes focus to the most important part of the catch … in the catching or striking zone itself much in the same way that when a child learns to read, they use their finger to ensure they are reading the current word rather than their eyes skipping around the page.


High performance visual training


As well as for children learning fundamental motor skills, Vision Training is also used by top international athletes to fine tune their performance. Take a look at our Vision Training Centre for ideas incorporating Crazy Catch and Crazy Catch Vision Balls

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