The Crazy Catch UK Blog

Welcome to the Crazy Catch blog – packed full of case studies, great training ideas and videos with our top ambassadors covering all your favourite sports (and some much more unusual applications of the Ultimate Rebound Net). Do take a read through to gain new insight and advice to help take your game to the next level with Crazy Catch with its unique insane rebound.

Hockey isn't the first sport that would come to mind with the Crazy Catch but more and more clubs are seeing their benefits to aid goalkeepers and to help field players master 3d skills and rebounds. Lewes Hockey Club coach Ross Bone reviewed the Crazy Catch Wildchild...

The Crazy Catches have been a hugely popular Christmas present this year and we received this email from a customer this morning which demonstrates the wide appeal of the product. Not only can you improve your skills for your chosen sport but its also great...

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