The Crazy Catch UK Blog

Welcome to the Crazy Catch blog – packed full of case studies, great training ideas and videos with our top ambassadors covering all your favourite sports (and some much more unusual applications of the Ultimate Rebound Net). Do take a read through to gain new insight and advice to help take your game to the next level with Crazy Catch with its unique insane rebound.

The Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net and used to improve the hand eye co-ordination and reactions of top sportspeople. Today more and more Rugby teams are seeing the benefits of training with Crazy Catch and this video from Ram Rugby demonstrates some of...

Anyone Crazy Catch fans and Netball coaches, this blog is for you - it's a quick link and reference point for all the new Crazy Catch drills by Tamsin Greenway filmed at Surrey Sportspark for the England Netball coaching and officiating event, Make the Game...

Myth - "Keep your eye on the  ball" - Perhaps the  most  common coaching phrase  of all time  in relation to catching or hitting a ball, but it's actually impossible !! [caption id="attachment_679" align="aligncenter" width="275"] Crazy Catch Vision[/caption] Myth Busted- "Watch the ball" is sound advice during the...

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