History of Crazy Catch | Harry Gibson with his Original Crazy Catch Rebound Net

History Of Crazy Catch | Invented by Sheep Farmer Andrew Sinclair

Crazy Catch rebound nets have come a long way since they were first developed, both in technology and aesthetics! This article gives a history of Crazy Catch, where and how it started and where we are today! | History of Crazy Catch

The first Crazy Catch rebound net was invented in 1999 by New Zealand sheep farmer Andrew Sinclair, who discovered that overlaying two nets creates an INSANE and unpredictable rebound. Whereas the reverse side of the original Crazy Catch was a single netting layer that provided a SANE and predictable ball return. You choose the side to match the skill level.

“We don’t quite know how it happens but it works and that’s the key!”

– Andrew Sinclair, Inventor of Crazy Catch talking to The Cricket Show

Family History | Sport Mad!

Andrew, like many Kiwis, was a sports fanatic and it was no surprise that he developed a sport training aid for cricket. With his father, Ian Sinclair, being a top cricketer for the New Zealand Black Caps maiden test winning side against the West Indies in 1956.

The very first Crazy Catch nets were rigorously tested by Andrew, his wife Louise, their 3 sport mad sons. As well as family dog ‘Reka” in the backyard of their family home.

Development | Large Ball & Small Ball Sports

Even though Crazy Catch was first developed with cricket in mind; it was not long before the rebound net started finding its uses in other sports. Andrew began developing further models of Crazy Catch; suitable for large ball sports when rugby teams and netball clubs began showing interest.

Modern Day | Crazy Catch in 2021

The Crazy Catch nets of today look vastly different to what Andrew first developed back in 1999; they still hold the same excitement and passion for sport as they did over 25 years ago!

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