Back To School | UK Children return to School post Lockdown

Back To School | The Hidden Benefits of Crazy Catch in Schools & Education

With many UK Schools now back after a lengthy time away from classrooms, and a short run in towards the Easter break, attentions turn towards increasing children’s activity levels. As they were reported as having dropped during Lockdown. | Back To School

“The prioritisation of the reopening of schools will give children and young people important opportunities to take part in and feel the benefit of PE and school sport and as the weather improves, the return of outdoor sports for all ages at the end of March is a really positive step.”

– Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive at Sport England

The Stats | Lockdown Inactivity in Children

A Sport England report on ‘Children’s experience of physical activity in lockdown’ showed that whilst the majority of children under 16 (93%) continued to stay active during lockdown, the amount of activity being done fell. With 43% doing less than half an hour of activity a day and 7% doing nothing.

Over one-third of children (36%) say that they have less chance to be active due to not being at school. This is why schools reopening is so key for re-engaging the UK’s youth into formal and informal activity. | Read the Sport England Report here

Crazy Catch Benefits for Schools | In Physical Education & Informal Play

Get Active, Get Social

Breaking the inactivity habits of lockdown is super easy with the help of Crazy Catch rebound nets! Children of varying ages can use Crazy Catch nets for a variety of sports and activities – challenging and entertaining!

💡: Work as part of a team to create a game using the rebound nets or set up games for teams to compete!

Featured Product: Professional Classic 2.0 🔵

Personal Challenge | Tailor Difficulty To The Individual

Challenging the individual is easily tailored with Crazy Catch net technology – With two sides, the SANE (predictable rebound) and INSANE (unpredictable) nets mean that you or the child can set their level by deciding on what net to use.

💡: Our renowned Two Minute Challenge could be adapted to one minute for Primary School ages!

Featured Product: Upstart Classic 2.0 🟢

Structured or Unstructured Play | Curriculum, Free Play or Sports Club

Great for relearning basic physical movement and refining sporting skills like throwing, catching, kicking and throwing for early years; or older children sport specific sessions for Cricket, Netball, Hockey and many more in a Physical Education setting.

As well as being great for informal play at break and lunch times with other children, having pre-set games or being given the freedom to create their own! With classes being encouraged to take active breaks between lessons, #GetActiveDifferently this Spring with Crazy Catch!

💡: Supervise a Crazy Catch station in tplaygroundund during a break or lunch time, Ask the children to create their own game. and include it in a PE lesson for their class as a surprise!

Featured Product: Wildchild Classic 2.0 🔴

Equipment Policy | Social Distanced & Easily Sanitised

Often no need for user to touch the Crazy Catch rebound net as it is set up and ready to go! Staff or Coaches can set up and leave for children to use safely. If needed to be touched by the child, Crazy Catch rebound nets are easily cleaned with sanitising spray or wipes, being manufactured from gloss coated steel and durable nylon netting.

💡: Our safe and durable Crazy Catch Vision Balls are easily cleaned and sanitised by dunking in a bucket of cleaning liquid!

Featured Product: Professional Classic 2.0 🔵

A Silver Lining | The Closing Phases of Lockdown

Despite inactivity levels, lockdown has made many children appreciate the importance and value of sport in their lives, as well as the benefits it brings. In research by the Youth Sport Trust, over a quarter (27%) of children and young people said that PE, sport and exercise had made them feel better during restrictions – Especially true for the 8-11 years of age group.

Half of all children and young people have said that they plan to engage in more sport and physical activity in the future. Over a third (37%) said that they now see sport and Physical Education as more important in their lives than they did prior to the lockdowns. | Read the Evidence Paper from Youth Sport Trust on The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Children and Young People Here

Crazy Catch School Packs | Sustainable Investment for Whole School Benefit

At Crazy Catch UK, we have an extensive range of packs for Schools, Colleges and Universities. Catering to all sports, abilities and age groups! We are able to produce invoices for payment on request at or by calling a member of the Crazy Catch team on +44(0)1295 816765.

GAME PACKS | Best for Schools, Colleges or Universities just starting out with Crazy Catch and wanting to test them in small group-based activities and use for informal unstructured play.

Upstart Classic Trio Pack Crazy Glow Ball

SCHOOL PACKS | Ideal for Schools, Colleges or Universities wanting to use Crazy Catch rebound nets in full class lessons or in multiple activity sports sessions!

Primary PE 2021 Pack Large | Back To SchoolPrimary PE 2021 Pack Small | Back To School

  • Senior PE Pack (Large) | 1x Wildchild Double Trouble + 1x Wildchild Classic 2.0 Rebound Nets | 1x Upstart Double Trouble + 1x Upstart Classic Rebound Nets | 1x Vision Ball Traffic Light Pack (6x Vision Balls Total) | Click Here For the Senior School Pack (Large)
  • Senior PE Pack (Small) | 1x Wildchild Double Trouble + 1x Wildchild Classic 2.0 Rebound Nets | 1x Upstart Double Trouble + 1x Upstart Classic Rebound Nets | 1x Vision Ball Traffic Light Pack (6x Vision Balls Total) | Click Here For the Senior School Pack (Small)

Senior PE 2021 Pack Large | Back To SchoolSenior PE 2021 Pack Small | Back To School

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