Netball Training Ideas

Netball Training Ideas | Staying Netball Sharp at Home with Crazy Catch

Keeping fit and healthy is now more important than ever. With restrictions on outside physical and social activity, plus gyms and sports clubs closed, it can be difficult to find the motivation and inspiration to keep active alone. This is where Crazy Catch can help you!

Since the beginning of the pandemic and lockdowns, Netballers around the globe have taken to training at home and posting their amazing content online! This is where we thought at Crazy Catch UK, we could offer a little bit of inspiration to get you through these times!

You may be missing being on the court, training or after netball social events with your friends! So here are a few things to inspire you: Netball Training Ideas with Crazy Catch UK!

Ellie Ervine | Garden Netball Training

Ellie, Surrey Storm U21 and Solo Sessions UK Ambassador, is keeping herself active and inspiring hundreds with her netball training exercises on Instagram! Check out her Ball Work exercises with Crazy Catch!


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Solo Sessions | Netball Crazy Catch Skills with Sasha & Kadeen Corbin

Sasha and Kadeen at Solo Sessions UK have been partners of ours at Crazy Catch UK for what feels like forever! We love having them on board and love their content even more!

Check out their Netball Crazy Catch Skills video on YouTube! If you live with your netball girls, then this video is perfect for you!

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Alyssa Dreaneen | High Intensity Garden Drills

If you are looking for some high intensity workout exercises, then Alyssa is your girl! She isn’t short of pure grit and speed! Watch on at your own risk… you may find yourself over inspired! (How many times do you spot a Crazy Catch?)

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Kadeen Corbin | Shooting Training at Home

Calling all Goal Shooters and Goal Attacks, this is the perfect drill for you! Kadeen has the perfect drill to practice your handling and shooting. If you have your own post or net, great! If you don’t, simply pick a spot on a high wall and aim for it!

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Sophia Pawlaczek | Garden Training Using What She Can

Some of us don’t have the space for a post and net in our gardens and are tight on space altogether! Check out Sophia’s great use of garden furniture and the levels of the decking!


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Sasha Corbin | Indoor Two Ball Juggle Challenge

For those of us that maybe live in flats or apartments and have no private outdoor space. You can still keep netball sharp with Crazy Catch indoors! Check out Sasha’s Two Ball Juggle Challenge – Testing coordination, handling, vision and reactions!


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Crazy Catch Netball Creators Club | Netball during Lockdown

Hundreds of Netballers have got active with their Crazy Catch rebounders since the start of the first lockdown! So many that we created a Creators Club dedicated to Netball! Check out our Netball Creators highlights reel for your Netball at Home content!

There we have it… Netball Training Ideas with Crazy Catch UK! Be sure to check out our Netball Training Centre for all your Crazy Catch for Netball needs!


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