Socially Distanced PE Lessons

Socially Distanced PE Lessons with Crazy Catch #BackToSchool

With the ease of lockdown restrictions and certain age groups being allowed to go back to school ahead of the summer holidays, many schools are having to adjust to new internal layouts, pupil bubbles, teachers moving around instead of pupils and socially distanced PE lessons.

The future and extent of social distancing is uncertain, so schools have put in place precautions for the new school term with classes back to full capacity. Each school has their own barriers to social distancing and the new measures, with no over ruling method working for the entirety of the education system. Schools are leading the way in innovative models of remaining socially distanced and creating safe sporting environments for pupils as the benefits of physical activity have never been more vital.

The effect of children not being in school and in lockdown for 4 months is reported to be proving to be a big set back in their development. With no regular face to face social interaction with peers, paired with no play (structured or unstructured); physical education or sport it could have resulted in:

  • LOSS OF FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY | Lack of stamina, strength & flexibility
  • LACK OF MOVEMENT COMPETENCE | Decrease in basic movements (agility and coordination), stability (balance) and object control
  • SUFFERING LONELINESS, ISOLATION & LACK OF BELONGING | Missing social interaction, connection and teamwork
  • INCREASE IN FACTORS AFFECTING MENTAL WELLBEING | Less control of emotions, mindfulness and self expression
  • INACTIVITY | Too much time indoors and in the same space
  • LACK OF MOTIVATION & CONFIDENCE | Low engagement, confidence and willingness to try new things

A Sport England study in July 2020 found that:

47% of children were active for an average of 60 mins per day Pre-COVID. This number then dropped to 19% during Lockdown. Whilst 9% of parents reported children doing no physical activity whatsoever.

Five areas that Crazy Catch could help your pupils recover from Lockdown’s negative effects

PLAY | Activity with enjoyment

Whether this be structured or unstructured play at break or lunchtimes, let your pupils engage their creative mind by coming up with their own games using their imagination!

Our rebound nets are great for leaving out on the playground for break and lunchtimes for free use using any type of ball! Engage your pupils through letting them creating their own games  using the Crazy Catch rebound net! Let them do this as an individual to increase confidence to try new things or work as a team with social interaction. Engage all pupils in regular physical activity using Crazy Catch in unstructured play!

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY | Bodily movement that uses energy

Closely linked to all the other points, this could simply be within a lesson (Active Learning & Physical Education), break or lunchtimes (Play) and extra-curricular (Sport).

Our rebound nets are incredibly versatile in that they can be used in almost every setting; inside, outside, playground, playing field or even swimming pool! Use as an aid to help your pupils recover from inactivity, build movement competence and bring enjoyment back to physical activity!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION | The National Curriculum subject

Formal setting to learn how to move through planned and progressive lessons, focusing on physical development but also paying attention to social, mental and emotional skills. Socially Distanced PE Lessons are soon to become the new normal, add to and develop your PE curriculum with Crazy Catch!

Crazy Catch rebound nets are a great addition to any PE cupboard or shed! Use for individual challenges to focus on object control, agility and coordination; or use as part of a game featuring team work and collaboration. Crazy Catch is a great way of raising the profile and adding to your Physical Education curriculum for the whole school.

SPORT | A competitive game that requires effort and skill

A competitive game that requires both physical effort and skill, played to a set of rules against an opposition. Competition is healthy for kids as they learn how to think on their feet quickly to overcome barriers and discover that desire to win! Build on your current capacity and capability to provide a wider sporting experience to pupils!

Crazy Catch rebound nets can be built into competitive games and sports in all manner of ways! Swap out the basketball or Netball hoop for a Crazy Catch to get the rebound off of Swap out goals and hoops for a rebound net to keep the game flowing! This will aid recovery from inactivity, as well as build functional capacity and movement competence. See all pupils across the school benefit from the broad range of sports you can use Crazy Catch for!

ACTIVE LEARNING | Learning through movement

Learning through movement often stimulates all types of learners to understand and deepen their learning experience through applying knowledge.

Crazy Catch rebound nets are not just bound to PE and Sport usage – a great addition to the whole school resource! We have witnessed them used first hand in science experiments for learning physics! Bring the enjoyment and fun to learning with Crazy Catch! Increase not just confidence and knowledge in your pupils, but also your fellow staff – make teaching and learning fun for all!


PE & Sport Premium for schools confirmed by UK Government

On 5th July 2020, the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, confirmed the primary PE & Sport Premium would continue at £320 million for the 2020/2021 academic year. It was also announced that the funding for the 2019/2020 academic year that schools have been unable to use because of the coronavirus pandemic can be carried over into the 2020/2021 academic year spending budget.

There is a big emphasis on making use of the funding to aid young people’s recovery from school closures and social distancing measures. “PE, Sport and Physical Activity should be put at the heart of children’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis”.

Our Crazy Catch Primary School packs are a great addition to any school environment, being durable and sustainable for years to come. Use Crazy Catch rebound nets not just for PE, but also as Play items and cross learning in other subjects! Our rebound nets really do benefit the whole school, seeing the impacts in future years too. Start September by making your socially distanced PE lessons interesting and engaging with Crazy Catch!

At Crazy Catch UK, we are able to create invoices for payment for Schools to ensure that it is easy to evidence potential PE & Sport Premium expenditure against a budget plan. If this is something you would like to discuss, please get in contact by calling +44(0)1295 816765 or by contacting us on our LiveChat from the website.

Primary School Packs by Crazy Catch

Primary PE 2021 Pack Small

Primary PE 2021 Pack Large

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