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Vision is key to top performance in many sports, especially ball sports. If you want to play at your best, it is essential to make sure that you are seeing your best and train your eyes.

Regardless of how fast, fit or strong you are, if you can’t see the ball, you aren’t able to perform your best in the game – even if you have perfect “Twenty Twenty” vision.

Visual acuity is the ability to see detail at a given distance, “Twenty Twenty” vision is a measure of visual acuity. For any sport that requires a player to see, track or catch a ball, good visual acuity is essential in being able to see the ball clearly.

Another critical skill to have as a player of ball sports is good depth perception. Depth perception is the ability to see the spatial distance between objects and a point in the environment – be that yourself or something like a goal, net or sideline/boundary.

The more information our brains have about these distances and relationships, the better and more efficient our understanding is of where things really are and the better our performances are in training and competition.



n. The ability to see in darkness or dim light; dark-adapted vision.

Scotopic Vision is the vision of the eye under low-light levels. The term derives from the Greek word “skotos”, meaning darknes, and “opia”, meaning a condition of sight.



Ever heard the expression “The harder you work, the better you’ll be”? Well, there is some good truth in there for you, your eyes and your reaction speed!

During ball tracking, your eye uses more rods in your retina to pick up information using your peripheral vision from when you first spot it to then tracking its path. When you train in the dark, this happens naturally because you can’t focus completely on the moving target simply because there’s not enough light. Because of this, your eyes become more efficient at spotting the ball sooner by the increased rod usage.


The benefit of improving not just your body and mind, but also eyes is essential to any aspiring athlete at either an amateur, recreational or elite level! With the finest of margins setting standards apart in sport, every advantage is needed to be top of your game and top of the game!

The benefit of training your eyes in low lighting is you become more efficient in spotting and tracking a ball sooner. Therefore, bettering reaction times and giving you more time to set yourself ready for that incoming header; ground stroke you are about to play; or incoming high catch! (That could just win you the match!)


I hear you ask: “What sets the Scotopia aside from all the other Crazy Catch models?”

The Scotopia is incredibly versatile in that it can be used both day and night, dusk to dawn! The glow in the dark decals on the frame around each net side light up in low-light situations and indicate to you where to place or throw the ball! The net then takes care of the rest and either gives a SANE (predictable) or INSANE (unpredictable) rebound for you! The method is in the glow in the dark decals and the madness is in the rebound!

It’s robust black steel frame can be adjusted to suit all heights and angles of rebound. The Scotopia also boasts our small ball rebound technology, SANE (Predictable) & INSANE (Unpredictable)  – Two nets, two completely different rebound types! Its 93cm x 93cm frame is optimum for sports training – not too big that it is a trouble to move around (Its actually quite easy to transport with its very own carry bag!); but then not too small that it makes it hard to hit the net! The Goldilocks effect, just right.


Anytime of day, anywhere! The Scotopia is great for use during the day whether it be at the pitch, park, beach or gym! Take it to the park or beach to play fun games with friends or family; or let the Scotopia put you through your paces at the gym or pitch in a training session! The Scotopia is incredibly similar to our Classic range nets in terms of high quality in use and build quality, as well as ease of set up and use.

However, The Scotopia really comes into its element at night! If you’re running a session or playing using the Scotopia at dusk… There is no need to pack up and head home, your game is about to level up! The glow in the dark decals and flashing Level 4 Vision Ball allow you to continue training through into the night! You don’t have to do anything, the net does everything for you!


The Scotopia rebound net is currently availbable on Pre-Order using the link below! Alternatively, We will be releasing our Glow Accessories Pack that will enable you to upgrade any Crazy Catch rebound net to have Scotopia properties with Glow in the Dark Decals! You will also be able to purchase the Flashing Level 4 Vision Balls in tubes (2 x Balls per tube) for £15 – More news to follow on this though!

Crazy Catch Scotopia | “Glow in the Dark” Rebound Net

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