Harry at the end of his 12 Hour Shift

Harry Gibson’s 12 Hour Shift | Over 27,000 Catches!

Harry Gibson’s 12 Hour Shift  took place just over a week ago on Friday 1st May 2020, Harry (Surbiton, England and Great Britain Hockey Goalkeeper) set out on a 12 Hour Crazy Catch shift of throwing and catching all in the name of the key workers.

Harry was throwing and catching off of his Wildchild Classic from 7am to 7pm continuously, whilst being joined at various intervals by some special Crazy Catch guests!

Harry Gibson’s 12 Hour Shift | Key Stats from the day:

⛹️ 27,100 Catches ⛹️‍♂️

⏲️ 12 Hours straight (with 2 x 10 minute food breaks) 🍌

🔥 7,500 Calories burnt 🔥

📱 6 Livestreams 📹

💷 Over £3,350 raised! (And still time to donate!) 👏

Fortitude Hockey started proceedings by joining Harry for the early shift at 8am live on Instagram, collaboratively Crazy Catching and having a good catch up. Fortitude also organised a timetable of their Coaches to do their own shift at points throughout the day and upload it to their profiles! The hockey goalkeeper community really showed their support for the #CatchingForCarers cause!

Crazy Catch Ambassadors and Friends joined Harry on live stream throughout the day, with Tammy Beaumont joining at 10am for an meet up. Matthew Hoggard joined from his Garden of Eden at 3pm with Maddie Hinch popping in for a catch up with Harry, accompanied by her dog Willow at 4pm. Rachael Burford wanted in on the Crazy Catch action and checked in with Harry at 6pm! To close the last 30 minutes of his 12 hour Crazy Catch Shift, Harry had a live DJ join him and everybody tuning in at home.

You can relive the action on the Story Highlights on our Instagram Page, as well as Harry Gibson’s 12 Hour Shift vlogs


🌟 Some amazing Crazy Catch fans also got involved by joining in at home #CatchingForCarers 🌟

Check them out below!




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