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Crazy Catch Fitness | Working Out at Home Using Your Crazy Catch !

Crazy Catch Fitness Blog … Many of us in the UK may be feeling a little cabin fever by now entering into our sixth week of lockdown. If you have the itch to exercise and get fit, we have some exercises for you! Make sure to check out our Instagram and Twitter too, we’re sharing lots of creative home content on there also!

Here you can see Crazy Catch UK Team Member, Jack using his Crazy Catch Upstart Classic 2.0 plus Vision Balls during his workout! All exercises are really simple and can be done by most people, don’t be afraid to get creative and share your versions with us! If you do not have access to a Crazy Catch, you can do all of these exercises against the floor or a wall with large or small sized balls.


Your Crazy Catch Home Workout Programme:


Arch Hold | Integrate hand eye coordination into your Arch Holds by throwing and catching a large ball against your Crazy Catch! If you want to make it harder, hold the arch longer or alternatively use small balls on the INSANE side of your Classic 2.0. Those of you that did your British Gymnastics Proficiency Badges will know the name for this position! 🧫


Throw & Catch Sit Ups | Sit ups are a staple to any home workout programme, but who says they shouldn’t be fun and exciting? Using a small ball against your Crazy Catch has endless possibilities! Try using just one hand to throw and catch, alternate your hands or challenge yourself to use just your “weaker” arm! 🪑🆙


Squat Pause | Squats are a great way to work your glutes, but what about your upper body? Hold your squat and work your chest passes with Crazy Catch. Work in rounds of repetition to work both your upper body and lower body! If you’re feeling like you need to step it up a level, use two small sized balls, one for each hand to throw and catch during each squat! 🍑


Oblique Twists | Here’s another to work the core – Liven up your Oblique or Russian Twists! Keep those feet up and maintain your balance when twisting, throwing and catching! Ensure you complete a full twist by touching the ball on the floor. Also, ensure you do this exercise on both your left side and right side! Turn the level up by using the INSANE side on a Double Trouble model. 🇷🇺🔀


Burpees | Love them or hate them, Burpees should be a part of your whole body workout – Crazy Catch can add a bit of variety to your burpee! If you need to turn up the intensity, try throwing the ball onto the net on your way up and catch it as you jump up! 🦘


One Handed Plank Throws | Planks are a great way to work your core, put your stabilisation to the test also with one handed plank throws! You could look to hold your plank for one minute whilst throwing and catching a ball against your Crazy Catch! Use alternate hands or focus on one hand at a time! Or even place your Crazy Catch flat on the floor and drop the ball on the net so it rebounds vertically! 📏


Seated Throws | Now this is a favourite of Jack’s, Seated Crunch Throws! Alternate hands, Left then Right, Right then Left! How long can you last? Will you drop the ball first or will you fatigue first? Make it harder by throwing the ball harder onto the INSANE side, or alternatively tone down the difficulty by using a larger ball or continue with a small sized ball on the SANE side of your Classic 2.0 model. ⚖️


Crazy Catch Rebound Nets are in high demand currently during the COVID-19 Lockdown. If you can’t purchase the model you’d like due to it being Out of Stock, please email and we will let you know when it is back in stock.


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