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Top 5 games to try at home with Crazy Catch

With most of us being confined the our homes and gardens, so here are 5 of the best games to try at home with your Crazy Catch! Make sure to check out our tagged partners and athletes too – they’re great at coming up with their own innovative exercises!

If you try any of these out, please do share a picture or video of yourself giving it a go and tag us on Instagram and or Twitter


Top 5 Sporting Games to try at Home with your Crazy Catch

Cricket | Crazy T-Ball with Tammy & Tom

Crazy T-Ball is the ultimate challenge for two or more people! Set up a court around 5 metres x 5 metres, or use the entire garden, and place your Crazy Catch on one side. Either play a tennis scoring system or play first to 11 – like they do in squash! Start off on the SANE side and progress onto the INSANE side to turn up the difficulty – Don’t be afraid to change the angle of the Crazy Catch either!

Tom’s: Twitter – Instagram | Tammy’s: Twitter – Instagram


Football | Tennis VS Football with Dual Freestyle

Whether you’re a freestyler or just love a kickabout, Tennis VS Football is the Crazy Catch game for you! Place a Crazy Catch or two side by side, put some markers down (Could be flip flops or a jumper!) to form a baseline and you’re ready to go. You set the rules by what you play! You could “serve” by throwing the ball against the netting and then volleying it over; You could also say you have to take volleys using your left foot and right foot before returning the ball – one ground stroke bounce only!

Dual Freesyle’s: TwitterInstagramYouTube | Daniel Cutting’s: TwitterInstagramYouTube | Mark Harlow’s: Instagram


Netball | One Handed Throw + Catch with Solo Sessions

Sasha Corbin, who runs Solo Sessions UK, demonstrates perfectly how to test your one handed throwing and catching! This really is a solo challenge – How is your one handed throwing and catching? Left hand? Right hand? Start off by throwing a ball – of whatever size you wish – against the SANE side and move onto the INSANE side if you’re feeling confident! A progression could be throwing a ball onto the Crazy Catch whilst moving between two markers!

Solo Session’s: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube | Sasha’s: Twitter – Instagram


Vision Training & Catching | One Minute Challenge

The original Crazy Catch challenge! The oldest challenge around, specifically created for athletes from all sporting walks. Place your Crazy Catch on the ground with the INSANE side facing you, measure out two metres and that’s it! Set up a timer of one minute and it is a race against the clock to see how many catches you can make in 60 seconds! Top tip: Have a couple of balls spare, just in case they fly off beyond reach!


Rugby | Multi-Ball Reactions with The Burford Academy

Rachael Burford and Shaunagh Brown demonstrate perfectly how to improve your rugby skills with Crazy Catch! Gather all the balls you can find and get ready for a meteor shower – Will your reactions and hands keep up? Vary the angles each set that you do to change the rebound. Experiment using the SANE and INSANE sides too. Maybe set up a goal or net for some balls to be thrown into when caught?

Burford Academy’s: FacebookTwitterInstagram  | Rachael’s: TwitterInstagram

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