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10 garden cricket training drills

With the UK being on complete lock-down, people are working from home and home schooling where they are able to. But what about the cricket season? Here at Crazy Catch UK, we have the perfect set of exercises to enable you to keep practicing your cricket skills at home. 

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Top 10 Garden Cricket Training Drills 

  1. Playing Spin | Crazy Catch Spin Mat with Tammy Beaumont

Placing a Crazy Catch or two on the floor in front of the batsman can replicate rough on the pitch and create a really challenging batting drill. How is your decision making in front of the stumps? Focus on playing late and keep watching the ball onto your bat so you are not deceived by late bounce.

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2. Mastering the Short Ball | Duck, Sway, Play with Dan and Kieran at We Coach Cricket

Duck, Sway and Play are the criteria for this! What will your choice be? To turn the difficulty up slightly, you could bring the Crazy Catch closer and see how close you can get to the Crazy Catch when ducking the ball! A great batting and reactions drill. 

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3. Close up Catches | Short Leg and Silly Point with Profielder

Staying safe at Short Leg and Silly Point is key to any player’s game – especially as a younger player. Try this in the garden with family or friends and see how your reaction catches match up! Try 10 catches and see how many you can take (wear your helmet so you are comfortable seeing the ball through the grill) 

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4. Overhead Catches | High Catches with The Root Academy

A great drill to test your hand eye co-ordination and learn to catch with soft hands! Ensure to adjust the angle of the Crazy Catch to make sure you don’t lose any balls over into next door’s garden! (use a wide setting and the sane side to create a comfortable trajectory)

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5. Rocking Freestyle | Reaction Catching Challenge with Tom Moores and Tammy Beaumont

This is a big favourite of ours here at Crazy Catch UK – It is great as a lunchtime challenge with a colleague! Set yourself up a 5 metre or so court and place your Freestyle in the centre, challenge someone else in the house… and their can only be one winner! Stay low and don’t let the ball bounce being careful to watch your throw too as it might bounce back to your side for an own goal! 

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6. Wicket Keeper Warm Up | with Pakistan Wicket Keeper Umar Akmal

Much the same in terms of set up to the Rocking Freestyle court above; However, just swap out the Freestyle out for a freestanding Crazy Catch. Challenge someone to a game as a break from school or work and see who loses all their lives first!

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7. Deep Fielding | Reaction Catches with James Taylor

Catches win matches and this drill is great to develop quick reactions and hand speed. Get another household member to feeds lots of balls quickly from behind and the catcher should react and grab as many balls as they can … of course the INSANE side is way more fun!!

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8. Strike, Defend, Evade | Batting Training with Tammy Beaumont

Test out your batting skills by setting challenges for different coloured balls – practice them all individually and then throw all the colours in together and react to each incoming ball! A fun game that we like to play at Crazy Catch UK HQ is defend every shot – Channeling our in Jack Leach at Headingley! (Relive that Ashes day)

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9. 20 Catch Challenge | Throwing and Catching Challenge with Tom Moores and Tammy Beaumont

Do this exercise as either a challenge with a house member or challenge yourself! How many catches can you make in 20 seconds? Try and beat your own score day by day!

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10. Quickfire Wicket Keeping Drill | with The Root Academy

Who will last longer? The feeder with their bucket of balls or the the wicket keeper? Spice it up by throwing cuddly toys or loo rolls into the bucket and avoid those items when they rebound back off of the Crazy Catch!

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For more great cricket drills and ideas visit our cricket training centre where you can access our Think Outside the Box EBook or our brand new fielding E-Book in partnership with Chris Taylor of Profielder. Enjoy your training!

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