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Crazy Catch and The Mintridge Foundation | Partnership Insight

The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales that is dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport. In partnership with Mintridge, Crazy Catch support them in enhancing life skills of children and young people through an active and engaged lifestyle.

Who are Mintridge?

Alex Wallace (Paske) is the Founding member and Managing Director of Mintridge. She is passionate about giving all young people equal sporting opportunities. Having a good knowledge of the school sector, Alex established Mintridge in 2015 at the age of 24 with a clear and driven vision in mind. Alex was awarded the ‘Women of the Future – Sport Award‘ in 2017 alongside Dr Sarah Leiter, for the work that Mintridge has achieved, impacting over 30,000 young people in schools and sports clubs across the UK.

In 2018, Alex was granted ‘Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society’ for her commitment to promoting the values of the Commonwealth and working to improve the lives of Commonwealth members. In the same year, Alex was also awarded the ‘Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year’ award in the grassroots category for her impact achieved through her work at Mintridge.

Mintridge Foundation Logo

What do Mintridge do?

The Mintridge Foundation was founded in 2015 with the vision to harness the power of sporting role models to help and influence young people to lead an active lifestyle and promote positive mental health.

Through Mintridge’s team of impressive Ambassadors (A range of highly inspirational sport stars such as Olympians, Paralympians and other sports, both as teams or individuals), they work in schools, clubs, communities and academies across the United Kingdom as part of tailored programmes to suit what the school, club, community or academy needs. Mintridge does this through Bronze, Silver and Gold programmes.

Mintridge provide ongoing support and assistance to the people they work with through bespoke sessions and contact time, plus technology via apps such as FitSwarm and Playwaze – making their programmes suitable and accessible for all!

How Crazy Catch and Mintridge work together

Our partnership with Mintridge is a special one, as we are always seeking to inspire and get more people active! We love Mintridge’s WHY and how they go about making change through positively impacting individuals’ lives.

Here at Crazy Catch, we have equipped Mintridge with some of our products and have provided them with guidance on how to best use our rebound nets in their programmes. We get equally as excited to show them what we know as their Ambassadors get about using Crazy Catches!

Along with the awesome kit that we have provided them with, when anyone uses Mintridge’s bespoke voucher code on our website to buy a Crazy Catch not only does the buyer get a discount, but Mintridge also receives a charitable donation from us!

Back in December 2019, we took a trip over to Lincolnshire to present Crazy Catch Rebound Nets to Ambassadors at Mintridge’s CPD sessions at Witham Hall School. (It is safe to say that the Ambassadors thoroughly enjoyed competing against each other!)

Here at Crazy Catch, We love to help our friends out a little here and there when we can. Mintridge are hosting a 28 hour continuous fundraiser in name of Max Hunter, a close friend of the Mintridge team who sadly died by suicide back in August 2019. Each hour of the fundraiser represents an hour of Max’s life and will entail activities that he was passionate about – ranging from Rugby, Cricket, Golf and Dancing!

The fundraiser is all about raising awareness about acknowledging our feelings as individuals on a regular basis, as it is not always easy to “open up” to each other; but having the avenue to work through our feelings through the joy of sport and physical activity is invaluable. Looking after our mental health is equally as important as tending to our physical health.

28 NOT OUT Fundraiser28 Not Out – The Max Hunter Fund

Please do take a look at Mintridge’s page on the fundraiser and contribute and or get involved where you can.

Crazy Catch in action on Programmes with Mintridge

Not long into the new year (or following the Ambassador CPD Sessions at Witham Hall School, Georgia Lees ran a Pre Season Netball Programme at Pocklington School in Yorkshire – using Crazy Catch as an added element to the fun of having a Saracens Mavericks Superleague player at school!

Crazy Catch was used with the Senior age groups in the morning in both attacking and defensive drills, with a focus on footwork.

Despite the harsh weather, Georgia and the pupils persevered in what was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to discover some new skills and revitalise their Netball knowledge!

Check out Mintridge’s Video below:


Mintridge wrote an awesome #ThankfulThursday News article on us not too long ago, and its safe to say that it made us blush quite a lot! Make sure to check it out!

Also ensure you check out Mintridge’s Social Media Channels for their latest news!

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Find out how you can support and get involved with The Mintridge Foundation by clicking HERE


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