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What do Brickhill Primary School pupils think about Crazy Catch? | Primary Education

The benefits of physical activity on academic performance and mental wellbeing are strongly support by evidence in numerous reports and studies over recent years, including papers from Public Health England and Sport England. There is a big drive for schools to play their part in boosting activity levels at early years stages.

This challenge of engaging kids in the early stages of their lives is made easy through the use of Crazy Catch! It is a great way to develop and improve fundamental motor skills, as well as better understanding how your body moves and works during physical activity throughout the school day.

Crazy Catch is the ultimate rebound net and a fun way to deliver high quality PE lessons. The nets are exceptional in quality and feature a unique insane rebound side, that upgrades sporting skill rapidly. Combine the rebound nets with our Vision Balls to further help improve throwing and catching skills.

Colourful shapes on the balls help train your eyes and brain through ball tracking. We would go on about the science behind Vision Training and the benefits of it, but we think the pupils at Brickhill Primary explain it much better than we would!

There are countless numbers of wider benefits to Crazy Catch! Such as Developing Teamwork; Verbal and Physical Communication Skills; Finding your Creativity through Movement; and Self Organising. We think that Crazy Catch pairs well in both structured play such as PE Lessons and ruled games, as well as in unstructured play like break and lunch times where children can make their own games!

With Crazy Catch, pupils are more active and engaged in lessons, whilst having such fun either in small groups or as part of a bigger team invasion game.

Unique features to Crazy Catch products that appeal to schools:

  • Versatility – Use anywhere! On the school fields, on the play ground, in the school hall, or even in the classroom!
  • Lightweight – Easy to carry and move around the school grounds!
  • Adjustable – You set the angle that you want the net at!
  • Rebound Response – You make the choice as to how quick the ball rebounds back! The harder the throw = The faster and more unpredictable the rebound. Great for tailoring to different ability levels!
  • Two Different Rebound Styles – SANE (More Predictable) or INSANE (Less Predictable)
  • Freestyle Features – Unclip the net sides to transform your Crazy Catch into a handheld device!

Transform your schools physical education program with Crazy Catch – A fun, portable, high quality sports training aid that is suitable for all ages and abilities and can also be used to keep pupils active at lunchtime and in after school clubs.

“We primarily use Crazy Catch to enhance catching and throwing skills for key stage one and two children.

As a coach, I find the equipment reliable, easy to use, safe and good for storage. We have been able to develop many different challenges to improve not only skills but also teamwork.

Crazy Catch is also great for engaging adults in Teacher CPD sessions. I recommend Crazy Catch to all schools”

– Rob Loft, Freddy Fit

Download our Free Teaching Resource PDF from our Primary Schools page by CLICKING HERE.

Here you will find loads of great ways to get you started with using Crazy Catch in your curriculum sessions, in the form of drill and game idea videos, as well as pictures and bonus content on Hand-Eye training for children!

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