3 Fitness training drills from James Haskell

3 Fitness training drills from James Haskell

Are you on a fitness training programme post-Christmas? Here are 3 Fitness Training drills from James Haskell. Taking part in a fitness challenge, like RED January? Or undergoing rehab on your come back from injury? If so here are some great ideas to mix up your programme this January!

If you try any of these 3 out or create your own, make sure to picture or video you giving it a go and tag us on Instagram and or Twitter

3 Fitness training drills from James Haskell

How long can you last? | Dome Balance Trainer

Avoid boredom and introduce fun in the gym by using Crazy Catch – All in aid of keeping the mind focused and healthy, whilst the body works its muscle groups! Be mentally sharp as well as physically sharp!

Combine your barbell and free weights with hand eye co-ordination | Vision Training & Performance

Key to any sport, especially ball sports, is hand eye co-ordination. Consider switching up your training to suit your sport’s needs and wants!

Add the fun to your core exercises! | Russian Twists

Can you add more to an exercise you already do in the gym to work another muscle group? Or just liven up your gym routine? Crazy Catch is your best friend if so!


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