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Everything you need to know about the Crazy Catch Football Rebounder | (And why it is the best on the market)

Here at Crazy Catch UK, we are excited to announce the launch of our football specific rebound nets: Football Rebounder (Senior) & Football Rebounder (Junior)

And to warm you up – as you should for any sporting activity! – we thought we’d give you a comprehensive run down of everything you need to know about the Crazy Catch Football Rebounder (and Why it is the best on the market).. So here it is:

QUALITY ASSURED | Is it hard wearing?

Your Crazy Catch will stand the test of time through all weather with its rugged steel frame and tough nylon netting.

PRICE | Is it value for money?

When you purchase a Crazy Catch Football Rebounder, you invest in a training aid that will give provide countless amounts of fun, as well as silently making you a better athlete!

The Junior Crazy Catch Football Rebounder is priced at £84.50, whilst the Senior Crazy Catch Football Rebounder is priced at £119.99.

And to keep your mind at ease, our 6 month guarantee from date of purchase on any faults with the product will be covered by us at Crazy Catch UK.


Both Crazy Catch Football Rebounders come pre-assembled for you with no unnecessary parts to attach. Just the adjustable support bar and the frames!

SIZE | How big is it?

Pick the Size best for you with our two sizing options on the Football Rebounder!

The Senior Football Rebounder measures in at 93cm width x 93cm height, whilst the Junior Football Rebounder squares up at 74cm width x 74cm height – Giving the Senior version 30% more surface area than the Junior Football Rebounder!

Both versions are convenient in size and weight for both indoor and outdoor use

SPECIAL FUNCTIONS | What is special about it?

The two different patented net technology styles give different rebound styles:

  • The smaller netted SANE side giving a predictable rebound – best for repetition drills and improving technique.
  • Whereas, the larger netted INSANE side gives a much more unpredictable rebound – great for reaction saves and challenging your game!
Here you can see James Hollman of ProDeflect Goalkeeping using the INSANE side of the Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble that has the same patented net technology as both the Football Rebounders


The Crazy Catch range and patented net technology have been and are used by elite level football clubs, coaching agencies and individuals for goalkeeping and outfield needs with the following:

But also used by thousands of senior and juniors across the world both at home and at grassroot clubs for their own personal development!

THE TRAINING AID YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED | A must have for any aspiring master of the game

You won’t get the same consistent quality of rebound from any other product in the market with the two different net styles, catering for every potential aspect that a training session could deliver.

On the other hand, have limitless amounts of fun at home by creating your own games using the unpredictability to test your skills!

Here you can see the Welsh Ladies National Football Team mastering their game with the help of Crazy Catch!

PURCHASING PROCESS | Where and How can I buy?

From the Crazy Catch UK Store, you can purchase your Football Rebounder in 5 simple steps:

  1. Simply add your Football Rebounder to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Fill in your details (which we store safely for you in alignment with our Privacy Policy)
  4. Pay via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card or Invoice (Just email us at or call us on 01295816765 for more info)
  5. Place your order and relax!

FREE UK NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY | How long will it take to arrive?

If ordered by 1pm, you can ensure that your Crazy Catch will be delivered safe and sound the next working day to your door!

If you order after 1pm on a weekday or any time at the weekend, your order will be sent to you the next available working day. (See Delivery Policy for more info)

ASSEMBLE IN 3 EASY STEPS | How do I set it up for use?

  1. Open pre assembled frame from the bottom
  2. Attach Adjustable bar to both frames centrally
  3. Tailor length of adjustable bar for desired net angle

And you’re ready to go!

And there you are, all you need to know about the Crazy Catch Football Rebounder (And why it is the best on the market)!

Visit our Football Training Centre page for more exciting training ideas!

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