Christmas Buying Advice – Which is the right Crazy Catch for me?

Crazy Catch is a hugely popular sports training aid and makes a great Christmas present for all ages and abilities. If you are looking to improve your sporting skills – Crazy Catch will make your training much more varied and fun be it alone or with your teammates.


There are 9 Crazy Catch models to choose from a 2 different ranges so read on to understand the key differences and hence make the best selection. If you have any further questions you can always email us, call +44(0)1295 816765 or jump on our Live Chat


4 size options


Once you have decided on your preferred size, you just need to select between the Double Trouble or the Classic 2.0 range.


Double Trouble v Classic 2.0 range


The unique thing about Crazy Catch is its patented net technology creating an INSANE rebound.

The Classic range has a SANE and INSANE rebound for small ball sports so this range is best for small ball sports like cricket, hockey and tennis.

The Double Trouble range has a SANE and an INSANE rebound for big ball sports so this range is best for big ball sports like football, netball and rugby as you have two different rebounds.

Football Rebounders


We have 2 Football Rebounders now available … the Football Rebounder (Junior) is the same net as the Upstart Double Trouble (75cm) and the NEW Football Rebound Net (Senior) (93cm) is the same net as the Wildchld Double Trouble barring the product name stickers HOWEVER with the Football Rebounder and the Football Rebound Net there are no added extras so no carry bag, vision ball or stopwatch hence the lower price point.


These models are also suitable for other big ball sports like Netball and Rugby (but do carry a the product name ie Football Rebounder stickered on the Crazy Catch)




  1. Can you use a Football on the Classic range? Yes you can; however the rebound on both sides will be the same and SANE (predictable). There will be no unpredictable rebound with a Football on the Classic range.
  2. Can you use small balls with the Double Trouble range?  Yes on one side. The small netting on one side is INSANE with a small ball. A small ball will go through the larger mesh on the back so only 1 side can be used with small balls.
  3. Can you use your own balls with a Crazy Catch? Yes absolutely – any balls used in cricket, hockey, football, netball, rugby, tennis etc can be all used with any Crazy Catch (NB – We would not recommend the use of heavy weighted medicine balls)
  4. My son / daughter plays cricket and football – which Crazy Catch would be best? (or substitute any big ball – small ball sport combination). The Double Trouble range is best for multi-sport use as you have two different sides. The small netting will be INSANE with a small ball and predictable with a football and the larger mesh on the back is INSANE with a football so best of both.
  5. My children are young – will the unpredictability be too much for them? For beginners, we recommend using a larger ball on the SANE side as the rebound will be consistent so the ball will go into your hands. You can then work up to using Level 1, 2 then 3 Vision Balls as your hand-eye coordination and reaction speeds improve. The Classic 2.0 range is best for throwing and catching fun in the garden.


See the Crazy Catch in action


Our Crazy Catch UK Store has training centres created for some of our major sports. Here you can see some of our top sporting ambassadors demonstrate some great training drills, games and challenges plus there are various PDF training cards to download too. Find links to recommended products for your favourite sports and read 5 star customer testimonials too


We also have great games for the HOME AND GARDEN, PRIMARY SCHOOLS and SECONDARY SCHOOLS. 


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