Primary Wildchild 2.0 dive

Primary School PE is more fun with Crazy Catch … Download our new resources now

Deliver high quality PE outcomes with a selection of new multi‑player games and throw/catch challenges incorporating the awesome challenge of Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net. Transform your pupils physical literacy skills with this fun, portable, high quality sports training aid. Watch the new montage video filmed with thanks to Brickhill Primary School, Bedford

As you can see as well as developing throwing and catching skills and confidence; there are a number of wider benefits such as teamwork, communication skills, developing innovation and organisation and the ability to follow instructions and learn rules. Above all else, Crazy Catch keeps pupils active and they are such fun to use.

Some unique product features which appeals to schools is

  • portability … use anywhere
  • lightweight … easy to move and carry
  • adjustable … change the angle to create different challenges
  • rebound quality … the harder the throw the faster and more unpredictable the rebound so it is suitably challenging for different ability levels
  • two different sizes … sane or insane
  • freestyle features … un-clip to use as a handheld device


SANE and INSANE rebounds

Generally primary schools will select from the Crazy Catch Classic 2.0 range which has small netting on both sides. One is a single sheet where the rebound is predictable (or sane) with a small ball, the other has two overlapping sheets which create an unpredictable (or insane) rebound with a small ball. However larger balls can still be used on both sides and these will have a sane rebound. Take a look at our range of new primary school and vision ball packs

gif primary

View the range at 

Free resource PDF for teachers

Introducing our free Primary PE resource PDF containing 8 exercises to help your school improve physical literacy skills with Crazy Catch: Deliver fun, quality sessions using the Ultimate Rebound Net” Here you can access videos, session plans and top tips to help ALL your pupils achieve in sport and physical activity. Get your free copy now at

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