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5 reasons to add Crazy Catch to all your Netball Training Sessions

Netball and Crazy Catch is a match made in heaven! There are so many ways to incorporate the Ultimate Rebound Net into your training and improve your core skills this season. Here are our top five reason to add Crazy Catch to your Netball training programme whether you are a coach or player like our ambassador Sasha Corbin …

  1. The Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for Netball has two different sides … the SANE side is great for drills needing a consistent feed or repetition drills for muscle memory whereas the INSANE side is totally unique to Crazy Catch is a much larger mesh which creates an unpredictable rebound with a netball.

2. Develop your agility skills. Use the Crazy Catch Freestyle to practice your anywheres … pop the ball up, down, fast and test your players to their limits which is why the Crazy Catch is great for beginners right up to international level athletes.

3. Think practicing footwork is boring … not with Crazy Catch! Make your training more fun and varied. Essential practice to improve your game with the INSANE side great for stretching yourself. Practice those high leaps, landings and turning too.

4. Handling skills and great hand-eye and reaction skills are key to success in Netball. Once you have mastered the basics … try using just your dominant then non dominant hand. This drill is also great for developing shoulder and throw strength.

5. There is something for everyone! Within the Double Trouble range for Netball there is something for everyone. Find the best size to suit your needs whether its to train at home, school or with your club. Coaches or player! Get involved with Crazy Catch!

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