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Netball Pre-season dream drills from Crazy Catch and Sasha Corbin

With the new Netball season fast approaching; are you a club or coach looking for ways to further develop and stretch your players skills?? Well .. take a look at Crazy Catch, the world’s number one training aid, as used by ambassador Sasha Corbin as well as various top clubs and schools. These 5 short, sharp drills are the perfect way to get your basics back up to speed, dust off the cobwebs and work on your footwork, handling, reactions, hand-eye co-ordination and much more! (Visit our new Netball Pre-Season training centre)


With the Ultimate Rebound Net, the faster the ball is thrown, the harder and more unpredictable the rebound so its suitable for all ages and abilities. Use either the SANE side to hone your technique or the INSANE side for real challenge. Plus there is the super portable, Crazy Catch Freestyle – great for coaches!

Bundles of Crazy-ness for Clubs

Introducing our Netball club bundle pack with everything your club needs to get started with Crazy Catch. It includes a Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble, 2 x Wildchild Double Troubles and a Freestyle PLUS Vision Balls and Flat Disk markers. There are so many ways to incorporate Crazy Catch into your training, just get creative!! Club pack for Netball, Football or Rugby

Tag us in your training on social media … @crazycatchuk share your ideas – just like this new Solo Session!

If you need advice on the best model to get, we have made this awesome new Range Explained video. See what the rebound is like on the two different sides on the Double Trouble version for Netball and any further questions …contact us

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