Barry and Beckie Middleton on the Crazy Catch

New Hockey Season | Crazy Catch for Hockey

With the new hockey season fast approaching, many clubs and schools are returning to pre-season training. With the modern game being so fast an increasingly played in the air, there has never been a better time to turn to Crazy Catch to help improve your players skills.

The 2.0 range (especially for small ball sports like hockey) has both a sane and insane rebound. The sane side is great for beginners or to get a more consistent feed for technique drills where as the insane side is much more unpredictable where you will need to react to changes in pace and direction off the net, great for reaction training, control and goalkeeping. Take a look at our montage reel filmed with England and GB players Barry and Beckie Middleton as they demonstrate just some of the ways to incorporate Crazy Catch into your training.

Trusted by the world’s best players

Over the summer, Crazy Catch has been used by many top coaching companies! Here Dutch skillers, Team StreetHockey, show you their expert flair and control in a Mirror Bounce Battle!

Add extra fun and challenge to your shooting sessions!

Crazy Catch is used by top international players and teams from the likes of Argentina, Spain, Belgium and GB; but is equally as fantastic for beginners learning the basics. The harder the ball is played onto the net, the more unpredictable the rebound! As you develop, the Crazy Catch grows with you! Incorporate it into small sided games and develop intense fun warm ups, fitness circuits and more – just get creative! Hockey Pre-Season wont ever be the same again!

Take a look at our Crazy Catch hockey training centre for more information and product recommendations! With free UK next working day delivery on the Official Crazy Catch UK store – which also dispatches to all European countries. For assistance contact

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