Catching a ball off the Crazy Catch

Rebound Net | Crazy Catch is the number one training aid, whatever your sport!

If you are looking for a rebound net to help improve your skills, look no further than Crazy Catch – the original and best rebound net with an unpredictable, INSANE ball return. These recent customer reviews are taken from either Amazon reviews or via approved Crazy Catch retailers. Alternatively if you visit our official Crazy Catch UK store, customer reviews are available in the drop drop menu alongside each model.

Superb. My son is a goalkeeper and we use this as a good way of working out for him. Can be used by the keeper to stand in front of and warm up with straight on throws but we’ve found it very useful as well to have him or me to the side so that the ball rebounds for a variety of diving saves. Best of all he can work this on his own so if no chance to to get a training session in he an just pop in the garden with it.

What a great bit of kit will keep the kids and grown ups having fun for hours folds up flat so is easy to move and store away but once you start you just cant stop playing with it ,It would be great if you have a small yard or garden as you don’t need much room to play it and its a game you can play yourself so if you have only one child who likes to catch balls this is the baby for you,

We were introduced to this by a county squash trial – it is a very quick way to check (and improve) hand eye coordination. One side bounces back “sanely” the other “insanely” (not at all what you were expecting!) Great fun for the holidays too

This is great. Got it for my 11 year old son to improve his cricket skills- but great for all ages including adults.

Amazing. Delivered promptly. We have two happy boys playing together and by themselves in the garden. One with a football and the other playing catch/cricket.

Kids love it! Delivered on time! Excellent!


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