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Cricket Drills | We Coach Cricket take on “Think Outside the Box” from Crazy Catch

You Tubers We Coach Cricket have taken inspiration from our Tammy Beaumont “Think Outside the Box” drills which we filmed last year which show the versatility of the product and how creative you can get with your coaching drills to improve batting, bowling and fielding skills! Check out how Dan and Keiran find training with Crazy Catch.

How to MASTER the SHORT BALL with a Crazy Catch

This one specifically is used for training against the short ball, whether your duck, sway or play the choice is yours. The Crazy Catch really mixes up the feed as it rebounds off the net erratically so each ball is different and really keeps you on your toes!

How can I BAT on DODGY Wickets?

In this session Dan and Kieran look to recreate the batting against spin using the Crazy Catch. They have the Wildchild Classic and Upstart Classic laid flat with the INSANE sides facing up for extra unpredictability. This is a great way to practice batting on some of those dodgy uncovered pitches in the UK!!

This We Coach Cricket series is in partnership with Crazy Catch retailer Serious Cricket РSHOP HERE 

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