Crazy Catch Cricket Rebound Net

Wicket Keeper Stumping and Catching Training Drill for Cricket

Think Outside the Box and take your wicket keeping skills to the next level. Tammy Beaumont demonstrates a STUMPING AND CATCHING drill using the Crazy Catch Upstart INSANE side which creates an unpredictable rebound simulating deliveries off the pitch and balls which “nick off ” the bat or glove. This drill works on movement behind the stumps and dealing with deflections and contains great coaching tips from Mark Garaway.

Download the PDF coaching resource for all the Think Outside the Box drills with Tammy Beaumont and Mark Garaway and check out the Crazy Catch range with its unique INSANE rebound to take your cricket skills to the next level.

Tammy’s Top Tip – “This drill is great to test out your movement as a wicket keeper. As your confidence grows you can test out how far you can cover with the angle of the Crazy Catch. Look to move fast and late. The most important thing with this drill is to get your head as close to the ball as possible, because your hands¬†will always follow”

Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net for cricket used by top teams, coaches and players to improve a wide range of skills in an enjoyable yet challenging way.

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