#ReindeerTraining episode five: Crazy Catch for hockey with Maddie Hinch and David Harte

Crazy Catch is becoming an increasingly popular training aid in hockey, not just for goalkeepers but also for outfielders to help with improve their first touch, control, deflecting, 3D skills, passing accuracy, aerials (throwing and receiving) and volleying and rebounding!!! Use Crazy Catch to take your game to the next level and add and extra challenge to your skills training (just like many international teams and players)

The Crazy Catch #ReindeerTraining campaign is following the journey of Santa’s reindeer as they prepare themselves for the big Christmas eve delivery. Following fitness, netball, cricket and football sessions, two of the best goalkeepers in world hockey Maddie Hinch (Holcombe, England and GB) and David Harte (Kampong and Ireland) put our reindeer’s reactions to the test

Watch more of our field hockey training videos on You Tube for lots of session ideas or get creative and try your own and tweet us @CrazyCatchUK . Choose from the Crazy Catch classic range for hockey, with one SANE, one INSANE side!!

The Ultimate Rebound Net for Hockey - Classic Range

The Ultimate Rebound Net for Hockey – Classic Range

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