#ReindeerTraining episode four: Crazy Catch for football with DC Freestyle

Daniel Cutting is a world renowned Professional Football Freestyler and FIVE-TIME Guinness
World Record Holder!! Crazy Catch have enlisted the help of DC Freestyle for the fourth episode of their #ReindeerTraining programme, getting Rudolph and co ready for the big Christmas delivery. This session see’s them attempt a popular footballing trick shot “the bin challenge” which is great for their team spirit! Watch and see how they get on …

Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net for Football … use it to add fun and variety to your training and take your skills to the next level. Develop your first touch, passing accuracy, volleying, control and various technical elements of your game with the great benefit of being able to train alone or get creative and practice with your friends. In addition the Crazy Catch is hugely popular as a goalkeeping training aid and is used by various professional clubs including Real Madrid, Everton and QPR. See how Crazy Catch can be used for outfield players in the video below with Improtech Soccer.

Crazy Catch makes the perfect Christmas gift for any footballer – choose from the Double Trouble range starting with the largest, the Professional down to our starter model, the Upstart Double Trouble. The Double Trouble means it has two INSANE side (compared to our classic range for small ball sports) with small netting on one side and larger netting on the back … this larger netting produces an unpredictable rebound even with a football, which tests your reactions and first touch to the max! Train INSANE or remain the same 🙂

The Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for Football

The Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for Football

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