#ReindeerTraining episode one: Crazy Catch fitness boot camp with Gail Emms

Ever wondered what Santa’s reindeer get up to outside of their one evening a years hard graft, pulling the sleigh and delivering presents all around the world to all the good girls and boys???

Well let us let you into a little secret … they don’t do much at all!!! Well they eat too much and slob around the North Pole and generally become very overweight and lazy!! That is why Crazy  Catch have been enlisted to get them all into shape and ensure their reactions and skills are up to scratch with the help of our celebrity elf trainers. First up is badminton Olympic silver medallist and winner of Eternal Glory,  Gail Emms who will be supervising a very tough boot camp for our reindeer’s … Watch our first #ReindeerTraining animation below!

As you can see the Crazy Catch can be used to develop the strength, speed, agility and reactions of athletes and its the perfect piece of kit for gyms, PT’s and anyone looking to improve their general fitness. Develop your hand eye co-ordination and use the Crazy Catch to add something different to your circuits or to sharpen your reactions … its a great piece of kit and great fun to use plus its the perfect sporting gift this Christmas

A gruelling boot camp to kick of #ReindeerTraining

A gruelling boot camp to kick of #ReindeerTraining

The Crazy Catch comes in 4 sizes, the Professional, Wildchild, Upstart or the Freestyle… choose the classic range for small ball sports like cricket and hockey or the double trouble range for big ball sports like football and netball and for multi sport use. Whatever your age or ability, test yourself and improve your game with the INSANE rebound of the Ultimate Rebound Net. Available from all leading sports retailers … shop on-line or in-store.

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