The story of #ReindeerTraining, the Christmas campaign from Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net

This year, Crazy Catch – the Ultimate Rebound Net, is telling our take on the Christmas Story… a kind of prelude or behind the scene’s tour of the North Pole in the run up to Christmas. #ReindeerTraining highlights the plight of Santa’s four legged helpers and their journey from lazy, unmotivated, overweight reindeer’s into a fast, lean, mean delivering machine for the all-important present delivery marathon. It’s a big job, with lots of good boys and girls counting on them so the reindeer’s will need to develop their reactions, teamwork, speed, agility & strength which of course is where the Crazy Catch comes in!!!



A series of fun, festive animations will be released in the run up to Christmas to chart the progress of Rudolph and co as they are put through their paces by our athlete ambassadors who will act as the elf trainers. Rudolph and co will undertake a tough boot camp this Friday run by Badminton Olympic silver medallist Gail Emms, followed by sports specific training in cricket, football, netball, hockey and rugby, to ensure their skills get up to speed in time for Christmas eve and the big Christmas delivery. Our celebrity trainers will include Sasha Corbin, Maddie Hinch, Matthew Hoggard and DC Freestyle as well as some other special guests still to be announced.

The animations will be backed up with in-store posters, web banners, social media graphics (including some animated GIF’s) which you will be able to see on all Crazy Catch retailers pages’ and by following us on Social Media @CrazyCatchUK … use the #ReindeerTraining to get involved in all the festive fun.

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