Top class training equipment for a top sporting school | Crazy Catch at Millfield

Crazy Catch was recently given the opportunity to film at Millfield School, various sessions which incorporated the ultimate rebound net into the training session or lesson. Millfield is a school with sport at its heart with exceptional facilities and inspirational coaching … it’s results prove every year why it is regarded as one of the UK’s top sporting schools.

Twenty-one Millfield competitors participated in over 30 events representing 8 nations at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and their Alumni includes JPR Williams, Gareth Edwards, Chris Robshaw, Simon Jones, Craig Kieswetter, Pam Cookey and London 2012 Gold medallist’s Peter Wilson and Helen Glover.

For the video we wanted to demonstrate the range of sports which Crazy Catch can be used as a training aid for. Its portable and robust which means it can be easily moved around during the session and the drill can be developed by altering the angle of the rebound. As we as the more obvious uses such as a catching net for sports like cricket and netball, Crazy Catch also develops a number of other skills including reactions, hand eye co-ordination, movement skills, agility and visual performance. In addition in schools they are great fun for all ages and abilities of pupil and are great for team games too.

Crazy Catch is available in 4 sizes of frame and each model is available as a classic for small ball sports such as cricket and hockey (both sides of the netting is small) or as a double trouble with two different nets – one much larger for big ball sports such as football and netball. The beauty of the product is its exceptional quality and performance. The INSANE rebounds which the high strung netting produces challenges players right up to professional levels which is why the product is used throughout the Millfield sporting program.

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