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Crazy Catch is a great training tool for cricket. It enables a wide variety of drills to be performed working on various fielding skills and is suitable for beginners right up to professionals. Take a look at some of our testimonials below to learn more about the benefits of reaction training with the Ultimate Rebound Net…

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‘Crazy catch is something I used for hours on end as a kid and it’s a really fun, easy way to improve your reactions and catching skills’ – Heather Knight, England Women

“The best thing for me about Crazy Catch is the fact that anyone can use it and be challenged to whatever level. It is so much fun… I have seen kids who don’t even like sport play with it all afternoon and love it. Seeing player’s skills and coordination develop as quickly as it does using the Crazy Catch is a real thrill for any coach” – Rupes Kitzinger, Activate Sport (AFCA)

‘Within a matter of days, I could see a dramatic improvement in Oliver’s catching ability, both in technique and coordination. A knock on effect of this has been much improved confidence in his catching, not to mention the fun and enjoyment from playing. Crazy Ccatch is brilliant for developing and honing catching techniques and provides hours of fun” – Peter Such – former England off spinner who recently bought a Crazy Catch for his six year old son.

“It’s versatile, robust and enables you to vary your warm up routines and fielding drills, making training more enjoyable,” – Dougie Brown, Warwickshire coach

“The Crazy Catch Freestyle is a product that once you have a go you want one and I think all coaches would agree with that. Very functional and easy to carry” – David Smith – Complete Cricket

“Crazy Catch is fantastic! There is more opportunity to catch more balls but still with that element of surprise just like in a proper game of cricket so children love it and can’t get enough!” – David Hooper, GCA

“Fielding and catching is something every cricket player must do and using Crazy Catches makes fielding sessions more fun and increases intensity. Using Crazy Catches can help young children develop a love for fielding and I would certainly recommend them”– Chris Rogers, ECB Young Coach of the Year and Crazy Catch ambassador

Crazy Catch is available from all leading cricket retailers … choose the classic range, which is available in 4 sizes, for cricket which has 2 different sides… the SANE and the INSANE!

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