#FIELDINGFUN – Week 6 … Mates Rotate

It’s week 6 of #fieldingfun with a great little drill which is perfect to play with your friends called “Mates Rotate”. Nico explains…


As you can see from the video its very simple drill to set up and play and you can add to the challenge by having 3 lives each, losing one if you drop a catch. This works really well with large groups as eventually as the numbers decrease it makes it more difficult to get round the Crazy Catch for your next go! You can play this game with any ball so it works just as well as a practice in your football or netball training and is a great active warm up game to get your heart rate up and your reactions sharp. Why not have a go in the garden this weekend…

We have used the Crazy Catch Wildchild classic in this demonstration but any model would also do the same job. We would recommend the Wildchild Double Trouble for football and netball as it has larger netting on one side so even with a larger ball, makes an INSANE rebound.

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