#FIELDINGFUN – Week 5 … Reaction Catching Drill

This week in #fieldingfun we have, in the words of Paul Nixon a drill that is “Such great fun and so easy to do “ … It’s Reaction Catching!


With the weather looking a bit gloomy, the  great thing about this practice is that it can be done both indoors and outdoors (although we do recommend using a soft ball if inside or for younger players). The feeder simply shouts “turn” and throws the ball onto the Crazy Catch whilst the catcher turns around and makes the save. Remember the harder you throw the ball onto the Crazy Catch the quicker it will come back and some of the rebounds are pretty INSANE so you will have to be sharp and potentially take some catches 1 handed.

You can use either the Upstart, Wildchild or Professional for this one and it works equally well in other sports like football and netball too. Have Fun!!

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