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The 2nd annual FA goalkeeping conference is taking place at St Georges Park over the 13th/ 14th April with the theme of the #EvolvingGK … Unfortunately due to existing FA partners, Crazy Catch are unable to be involved directly however we wanted to share our thoughts on the topic and how training aids too are evolving and are now common place in a coaches armory.

Keylor Navas training with Crazy Catch

Keylor Navas training with Crazy Catch

It goes without saying that the modern goalkeeper needs lightening quick reactions and Crazy Catch is a great way to develop those skills. The INSANE rebounds produced enable an infinite number of drills to be developed, improving hand eye co-ordination and getting the key muscle in this process, the eye, trained and in shape. The earlier a goalkeeper can see the ball, the more chance they have to prepare the rest of their body to make the save and of course there are generally lots of obstacles in the way of this so sometimes the time to react is very small.

Perhaps the most famous coaches in this area are Spanish where Jose Sambade and Luis Llopis focus on developing reaction speeds and use the Crazy Catch now in their training, after seeing the product on a trip to England. Prior to that they had innovated with their own rebound devices which can be seen in these amazing videos below – but the unique element to the Crazy Catch- the highly random netting and the portal nature of these quality devices meant that they were quick to purchase and use with their current teams… Jose is now at Galatasaray and Luis at Levante (in fact the Levante number 1 is Keylor Navas from Costa Rica who will be one of England’s opponents in the summer). For all Crazy Catch football videos – just visit our You Tube channel where you can see the Ultimate Rebound Net in action for yourself #fun



At Crazy Catch we too have evolved and our latest model is a handheld coaching aid – seen here with the Spanish Futsal coach – again this product is a great way to improve reactions with now the coach in control of the pace and direction of the rebound making it suitable for all ages and abilities.

Freestyle - Spain Futsal

Freestyle – Spain Futsal

We hope to be helping future generations of goalkeepers to improve their game for many years to come. You can find Crazy Catches a plenty at St Georges Park – read our blog from 2013 on their session with the disability squad goalkeepers as well as now working with Tony Elliott and the Futsal squad, where we hope to have a video produced later this year.

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