England’s fielding edge (The Sky Sports fielding masterclass)

England’s 2-0 lead in the Ashes has been a fantastic watch. As well as top class knocks from the likes of Ian Bell and Joe Root, much of England’s success so far has been put down to their superior fielding skills which was once seen as their major downfall. Much credit here goes to specialist fielding coach Richard Halsall whose role was highlighted in this recent Guardian article. The piece tells of the work he does with the players which is attributed as a major reason why Alastair Cook’s side have now been consistently ranked among the world’s best.

The England squad have been using the Crazy Catch for a number of years now but more recently the new handheld Crazy Catch Freestyle has been an important part of their pre match warm up’s as it allows players to practice their short distance catching eg man of the moment Joe Root at Silly mid on/off.

Joe Rooooooooooot and the Crazy Catch Freestyle

Joe Rooooooooooot and the Crazy Catch Freestyle

Sky Sports viewers might have also seen the fielding masterclass on Saturday which was filmed whilst the players were warming up. Ian Ward was joined by Nasser Hussain, Shane Warne and Andrew Strauss as they outlined how Crazy Catch rebound nets are used to improve reactions through repetition slip catching drills. The practice is obviously paying off for England as they continue to pile the pressure on the Aussie top order… Take a look at the Sky piece below…


The Crazy Catch classic range for cricket is suitable for players of all ages and abilities and is available to buy from all good cricketing retailers including at the Home of Cricket itself at the Lords Shop.

Crazy Catch Classic Range

Crazy Catch Classic Range

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