Practice makes perfect! – INR (Activate Sport) Video

Need something to keep the kids entertained this summer?? Why not book them onto one of the fantastic Activate Sport camps such as the International Netball Roadshow… Crazy Catch is used in many of the camps, as a training aid to improve your catching and reactions…



The International Netball Roadshow runs nationwide netball coaching courses for both girls and boys aged 7 to 16 years of age. Every course’s coaching is led and directed on at least one day by one of our lead coaches: Former England captain’s Tracey Neville, Karen Atkinson and Olivia Murphy, or one of the current stars of the national team, Serena Guthrie, Sara Bayman, Sasha Corbin or Jo Harten. Serena headed up the Easter session in Berkhamstead featured on our video and commented “It’s a really innovative way for young girls to actually learn how to catch”


Crazy Catch is available to buy through the Activate Sport website and practicing your skills at home is a great way to take your netball to the next level. We would recommend the Double  Trouble range for netball which has 2 INSANE sides- one side for a small ball, the other with a larger ball РBuy now with Activate Sport

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